Cemetery photo

Mourners’ Shelter and Cemetery Lodge, Hertfordshire, UK 2018-2020

The project involves providing an extension to the existing Cemetery Lodge and also a shelter for mourners to gather prior to attending a service. The Cemetery Lodge is a locally-listed building dating from 1931 and designed by architect William Grace.

The Lodge will continue to house refurbished Cemetery offices while mourners will now have a new separate single-storey sheltered seating area.  In designing the shelter, we have sought to respond to the calm and pastoral quality of the surrounding landscape.  A bench seating up to twenty mourners has a natural, organic form that curves gently away from the Lodge and towards the informal tree-lined cemetery grounds, allowing people to gather in small groups. Two circular rooflights create pools of natural light from above.

The choice of natural materials including timber shingles for the shelter further blends the new extension with its environs. The shingles also provide a subtle, textured feel which sits comfortably with the nature of the existing building. Our aim has been to create an atmosphere that is conducive to reflection while also revealing the beauty of the natural setting.

The building opened to the public in February 2020.

Photographs by Gareth Gardner.

Cemetery photoCemetery photoCemetery photoCemetery photoCemetery photoCemetery photoCemetery photo