Strängnäs Cathedral

Strängnäs Cathedral

Strängnäs Cathedral

Strängnäs, Sweden


Strängnäs is located in the south-east of Sweden. From its position on a hilltop, the cathedral is visible throughout the city. Inaugurated in 1291, it sits at the centre of a group of buildings that occupy the site and form the home of an active diocese. The project is our competition entry for new community, work, and administration facilities, with a masterplan that aims to create a ‘living meeting place’.

Our proposals unite the town and the cathedral, bringing a diverse range of activities, groups, and visitors to the site. The design celebrates this vibrancy and establishes Cathedral Hill as an active focal point for the life of Strängnäs. A new building is sited facing the town square, creating a strong civic presence, and signifying the entrance to the hilltop from one of the busiest streets. The red brick volume is carefully scaled to sit comfortably with its historic neighbours.

An efficient, rational plan provides flexible workplaces and community facilities. A generous staircase draws visitors through these spaces. With the cathedral visible from the entrance, this route is enlivened by coloured glass – drawing on ecclesiastical traditions to create an atmosphere that is filled with natural light.

Connecting cathedral, new building and town square
Ground floor
First floor
Second floor
Colours found in Strängnäs informed the coloured glass

Visualisations by Elephant Visual